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Save the Children

19 May

Every year, desperate Creatives from all over the world compete for recognition and fame at the Cannes Advertising Festival. There are many ways to get to Cannes. You could do what most Creatives do – come up with a brilliant idea, impress your Creative Director enough for him/her to approve it, craft that idea to perfection, get the client to sign off on it, and finally send it to Cannes.

Or, you could scout for alternative routes that are much faster (and exciting!), like the YouTube Cannes 48 Hour Competition. Open to Creatives from the age of 18 -28, this competition is held every year and the challenge consists of 2 parts.

The first part: Create a video in 48 hours

A brief will be released on a certain day and participants have 48 hours to think of an idea, shoot the video, edit, and upload it on to YouTube. This contributes to 51% of the score.

The second part: Make it viral

The remaining 49% of the total score is based on how popular your video is. So the more likes and views you’ve got, the higher your chances are of winning.

YouTube will pick 2 of the best videos and send the creators to represent them in the Young Lions Film Competition that will be held at the Cannes Advertising Festival… all the way in France.

So what does this contest have to do with me? Well, I’m turning 26 this year and having gone down the conventional route the past 4 years, I’ve decided to give this alternative route a shot.

The brief this year was to create a video to highlight the need for more health workers in developing countries. We’re not allowed to use music and everything needs to be original – no stock footage/sound/pictures.

After 48 hours, yours truly managed to finish this:

It may not be a Hitchcock, Scorsese or Yasmin, but it is my sincere attempt to highlight this issue, get people to sign the petition and hopefully get a chance to attend Cannes.

So if you have it in your heart perform a not-so-random-act-of-kindness today, do contribute a like to video and sign the online petition. And if you have more love to give, please help to share this message with your friends and family.

To like the video, go to:

To sign the petition, go to:

To learn more about this contest and watch more videos, go to:

Thank you very much for your support.

A day as a footballer

13 Jun

Football? On my blog?

Well, I never thought the day would come that I would blog about football. But then, I’ve never really played football to begin with… until last Sunday.

My prince and I took part in the Pepsi Longest Dribble record breaking attempt for the Malaysian Book of Records. Our kick off was supposed to be at 6pm at BSC. We were there at about 5.30pm. I was nervous-lah. All sorts of negative thoughts went through my head: “What if I dribble into the next lane?”, “What if a car hits the ball and crashes?”, “What if I faint halfway?”

Anyway, I ignored all those thoughts and waited for the kick-off. Soon, a bus came to pick us up. We were dropped off as various bus stops along the way. I was dropped off in front of Caltex near Lorong Travers. My prince was dropped off further up near the National Museum. So I stood there, waiting for the ball to come. After about 20 minutes, a group of dribblers arrived, followed by a van. There was also a traffic police to escort the whole group. Coolness!

So I dribbled for 500m I think. And by the time I was done, I couldn’t feel my legs. After all, I’m not exactly a very fit person. LOL. We were rewarded with some free Pepsi. And although I don’t drink soft drinks that much, I think Pepsi Twist is quite nice.

Anyway, I had lots of fun.

Here are some pics: