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From ‘Bolehland’ to ‘Tak Bolehland’

3 Apr

After being called ‘pendatang’ countless times, we are now officially ‘pendatangs’ in Singapore. Woohoo!

On the day we arrived, we bunked over at my cousin’s place and moved into our place the next day. After moving in, we went to IKEA to buy a few things, went back, unpacked and on Monday, I started work. Week 1 of work was relatively ok. Still haven’t met everyone in the office yet. Guess it’ll take some time to know all 126 people.

Anyway, over the course of this 1 week, we’ve had many people asking us the same questions so I figured I’d compile a FAQ of sorts for everyone’s understanding.

Tak Bolehland FAQ

Where are you staying?

We are staying in Ivory Heights, Jurong East and the nearest MRT station is Chinese Garden (8 mins walk from our apartment)

Wah! Why stay so far?

We didn’t have much time to look for a place and it was quite hard to find one that was within our budget and also available at such short notice. Furthermore, the unit we found was fully furnished and the environment was good so we just took it.

How long does it take you to go to work?

My office is in Clarke Quay. So it takes about 30mins train ride + 15mins walk in total to get to office from my doorstep. It’s really not that bad. It’s like travelling on the LRT from Wangsa Maju to Bangsar except that the train is faster, cheaper and I feel safer.

Do you plan to stay there long?
Well, of course I’m not here for a 3-month affair. I would like to stay as long as I can, and learn as much as I can, and at the same time experience life in a different country since I didn’t study abroad.
How often do you plan to go back to KL?
We have scheduled a trip back in May, and another in June (for our ROM). Haven’t planned anything beyond June. Chill la. But most probabaly we’ll have to go back at least once a month to settle our wedding prep.
Do you miss KL?
We’ve just been here for 1 week so no overwhelming sense of homesickness has hit us yet. We are still exploring our surroundings and there’s just too much to familiarise ourselves with to feel homesick. We don’t miss the hassle of driving and looking for a parking spot… maybe we miss the food… a little.
End of FAQ