Who is smubblerz?

Smubblerz is a non-existent word that I came up with to describe who I am. It is actually a combination of smart + bubbly, with a ‘z’ added for a dash of  false awesomeness.

I’m  a writer by day (and night) and a dreamer by default.

I’m an idealist who wants to retire young* and rich. (*young is subjective)

And I would like to travel the world someday.

When I’m not working, I do chores, avoid shopping malls, and spend quality time with my Wii and PS3.

This blog started as a platform for me to write about my daily cab rides, but since I got myself a car, I’ve run out of cab stories. So expect some random topics when you drop by.

Have a smubbly day!



One Response to “Who is smubblerz?”


  1. Thank you, SMUBBLERZ! | Lines + Splines Design - June 10, 2012

    […] would like to thank my dear friend, Smubblerz, a.k.a Joanne Chow for sharing the love by blurbing about her creative friends on her post, Friends […]

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